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pheromoneXS announces the acquisition of Stephen Osborn as CEO


pheromoneXS announces the acquisition of Stephen Osborn as CEO

Stephen Osborn, former Executive Olfactory Expert at Androtics Direct, a leader in spray pheromones, recently announced his resignation from the company to assume the full time CEO role at Aser Gruppe International, Corp.’s Olfactory Sciences Division which owns and manufacturers the successful pheromoneXS brand, https://pheromonexs.com

Osborn founded pheromoneXS in 2010 and began producing customized pheromone blends with the objective of bringing pheromone technology companies and pheromone enthusiasts together.

“Since forming pheromoneXS nearly 3 years ago, I’ve been extremely fortunate to build a company based on my ideals as a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. These experiences have provided me the opportunity to meld science and real world research into a brand synonymous with quality and results,” Osborn said. “In the last few years, pheromoneXS has grown rapidly to a worldwide recognized brand reaching thousands of consumers in over 25 countries. It has become clear pheromonesXS has reached a pivotal point and now requires my absolute attention as we continue to drive the pheromone industry and olfactory sciences forward.”

“As a direct result of my full time attention we have already increased production and now have a ‘custom pheromone blend’ offering along with our regularly available products. This provides an unique opportunity for the consumer to interact in the olfactory sciences, development practice right through manufacturing. There has never been anything like this previously in the industry and we are excited to be the first.”

A representative for Aser Gruppe International, said, “Osborn has 26 years in pheromone research and development and is highly regarded as the quintessential olfactory expert in pheromone sciences. His leadership, experience and dedication are exactly what is needed and we look forward to his innovations.”

pheromoneXS announces the acquisition of Stephen Osborn as CEO


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